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This Photography Journalist Tour is one of the kinds for you particularly if you are journalist, vloggers, bloggers, photographers, as you are going to be accompanied with an English speaker official guide that is going to enrich your trip by making you access some of the city’s best-kept secret places, which makes it really an unforgettable experience. We were born and raised in fez city, we have enough knowledge about culture and we have visited all of fez’s streets, each of which offers a distinct experience. Purpose of Photography Journalist Tour is to provide our customers the opportunity to see and learn about this amazing Moroccan environment. Our years of expertise have allowed us to form fantastic friendships as well as gain valuable knowledge regarding tourism in this field.




Photography Journalist Tour Schedule: Our driver will pick you up in an air-conditioned car where your English-speaking guide will be waiting; at your leisure time to drive you to the world’s oldest working medina, sometimes referred to as a living museum. Visit the King’s Palace Gates, The Royal Palace in Fez is one of Morocco’s oldest (14th century) and biggest. Next, go to the Jewish Mellah, which is the name of Jewish quarter, generally with a walled boundary. The Fez Mellah is also fortified and has a walled entrance. these Jewish quarters were close to the royal residences, which enabled its inhabitants to be protected. 

 The Fez Mellah was previously populated primarily by Jews. This was Morocco’s first Mellah, dating back to 1438.  you will explore the ancient medina, the world’s largest and oldest medina, which contains 9500 narrow streets and alleyways, as well as its Koranic schools and medersas (Attarine, etc.). Its fountains, Andalusian-style palaces, then to The Tannery Chouara, also known as the Tanner’s Quarters, is Fez’ most vibrant and attractive souk. Due of the odors they produce, tanneries are frequently placed near watercourses such as the Wadi Fez and away from residential areas. See the diverse range of leather craftsmanship, a Fez tradition. 

Then to zawiya Tijani, which is the grave of an 18th century Sufi Shaykh, founder of the Tijaniyya order, The street front of the Zawiya is richly adorned with carved wood, stucco, and glazed tile. Afterward to Karaouine University — This university, founded in 859, is one of the primary spiritual and educational institutions of the Muslim world, as well as the world’s oldest continuously operating institution of higher learning. Next to Nejjarine Square The magnificently restored Nejjarine Wood Museum, situated in an 18th century funduq, dominates this intriguing square. There is also a beautifully designed wall fountain. Browse the stores before heading to the carpenters’ souk, which has a fantastic selection of glittery wedding chairs.

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