Local Life Tour

During local life tour in fez; the city of colors and smells, you will get a one-of-a-kind experience in which you will be able to utilize all of your sensations, touching, watching, smelling, tasting, and behaving exactly like the locals do. The ancient medina, the world’s biggest and oldest medina, with 9500 small streets and alleyways, will be explored. The tour will allow you to watch the stunning sunset on the most known high dunes in the city. You will visit local markets, bakeries, hammams, and other places, as well as the andalusian quarter, which will fascinate you with its architecture, as it is a good opportunity for you to discover the tastes of some street foods and have a new yet unique experience by having dinner with a local family in Fez.

“Local Life Tour provide an long lasting experience that reveals the true life of the local population. Take a break from fast way of living and for a half day enter in the century old tradition what we will bring close to you.”




Plan for a local life tour: Our driver will pick you up in an air-conditioned car where your English-speaking guide will be waiting; once you wake up to take you to the heart of the old medina to have your breakfast among the locals in the middle of the markets, where you will have the opportunity to taste traditional street food (sfenj, harcha, melaoui, mint tea, bissara…).

Then back to the car to go to the andalusian quarter where the chicken/pigeon market is located, to make the tour memorable you will traverse the narrow streets of the ancient medina through the seffah quarter where you can see people wearing traditional clothes and riding donkeys and mules. during your walk you will visit multiple areas and stop on multiple places that are used daily by the locals such as hammams and bakeries until Recif market, where you will have a walk to see, touch, and taste a variety of foods. We will next take you to the marinade’s tombs, where you will be captivated by the panoramic view of the entire medina of Fez, as well as the natural beauty provided by Zalagh Mountain, to relax.

After that, we’ll take you to Newar Kasbah to see how traders interact with one another, then to the Blue Gate and Boujloud Square. after that we will take you to “Bab lmahruq” to show you the second-hand clothing the Souq where people used to exchange goods without money then we’ll take you to Jnan Sebil garden, which was part of the king’s palace, for some meditation time. afterward to Chowara tannery, the city’s most recognized landmark and the largest of the medina’s several tanneries.  Lunch will be served in a nearby restaurant up on your request. Finally, in the evening, we will transport you to the home of a local family for a round table dinner.

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