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During interior designers architects tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the workshops and meet the artisans of fez city. You will learn about what and who is involve in Moroccan handicraft production, as well as the rich heritage that fez and its people continue to transmit through artisanship. Come with us on an experiential interior designers architects tour, going in and out of the working areas and unearthing what is behind the doors and within the hearts and minds of the traditional craftsmen, accompanied by an official local tour guide. Fez has a long history of handicrafts. Currently, thirty thousand artisans labor inside the framework of Fez’s medina. 

The fame of the city was construct on its potters and tile makers. The tanners’ district, a residing reminiscence of an ancient approach, have to no longer be neglected either. Today, Moroccan artists continue to use methods passed down through many generations to create a diverse range of fine crafts and arts; from carpets, lamps, tiles, blankets, leather goods, doors and tables among other products. Many of these abilities and practices originated in Fez, Morocco’s old imperial cap.

places will visit during the interior designers arictects tour:


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Interior Designers Architects Tour Schedule: Our driver will pick you up in an air-conditioned car where your English-speaking guide will be waiting; at your leisure time. First, you’re be taken to the heart of the medina of fez, where you are going to be fascinating by the andalusian traditional architecture of the buildings for a small walk. Then directly to a tiles(zelliges) workshop to discover the techniques used by craftsmen to give us such wonderful and colorful tiles; Moroccan Tiles art is Morocco’s oldest handicraft; as a heritage, it has endured tough periods, notably in imperial towns such as Fez. Throughout history, the zelliges flourished in Morocco; Arab-Andalusian’s artists evolved their design skills and passed those skills down from generation to generation. 

Following that, visit a lamp workshop, where you will find a variety of options ranging from hanging lamps, floor and table lamps, to candle lanterns, all of which are made traditionally in metal to add a magnificent touch to any area. Right after to the rug’s cooperative, where you are going to find craftswomen weaving manually the wool to create for us amazing colorful Berber carpets, and Beni ourain rugs. Then to the blankets workshop to see the techniques used during the blankets production. Right after to tanneries to see how artisans are preparing the skins of animals to make them useful, and to the workshop to find a variety of leather goods like bags, purses, slippers, poufs among other things. 

 Afterward to the Plaster and wooden ceilings workshops where you will enjoy the ceilings, which are accurately carved. You are going to visit also traditional doors and tables workshops. This tour will end by a delicious dinner in a traditional restaurant.

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