Historical Monuments Tour

During this historical monuments tour of Fez; the spiritual, gastronomic and handcraft capital of Morocco. you will explore the ancient medina, the world’s largest and oldest medina. Which contains 9500 narrow streets and alleyways, as well as its Koranic schools and medersas (Attarine, etc.). Its fountains, Andalusian-style palaces, mausoleums (Moulay Idriss II, etc.). And of course, Al Karaouine University, the world’s oldest university. Visit the several thematic souks and countless craft workshops. Such as the famed tanners’ quarter, the weavers’ quarter, and so on, to observe the age-old craftsmanship. The day includes lunch in a traditional Moroccan restaurant in the heart of Fez’s medina. 




CHOUARA: Historical Monuments tour

The city’s most famous sight, is the largest of the medina’s multiple tanneries. The tannery pits, which have been in operation at least since the 16th century, use natural hues. Indigo is the source of blue, whereas poppies or paprika are the source of red. Additionally, the colour yellow is produced from saffron or even a blend of turmeric and mimosa flowers. One of the roof terraces provides the greatest vantage point for viewing.

The Al Karaouine

Mosque was founded in 862. It is the world’s oldest university, predating Oxford and the Sorbonne. More than 300 students gathered at this location. A stop in the main entrance to enjoy the moroccan andalusian architecture in Historical Monuments Tour.

The Zawiya Moulay Idriss II

is is a “zawiya” (a shrine and religious complex; frequently spelled “zaouia”) dedicated to Idris II and houses his grave. He is recognised as being the major architect of Fez and the first Islamic monarchy in Morocco. He ruled Morocco from 807 until 828. Observe the Moroccan and Spanish architecture at the main entryway.


This is one of the most popular sites on the guided-tour circuit. Copper craftsmen are one of Fez’s oldest trades, and coppersmiths shape and polish all manner of pots, cauldrons, plates, and buckets in Seffarin Square. The source of the noisy clanging and banging. It’s best observed when having a mint tea right in the square.

Attarine Madrasa

BUILT IN THE 14TH CENTURY, the al-Attarine Madrasa lies at the gateway to a spice and perfume market in Fez’s spiritual core. The madrasa’s courtyard, flooring, and walls are all exquisitely paint in the traditional Marinid designs. (Mosaic, woodcarving, plaster on walls, and ceilings).

Museum Nejjarine

Nejjarine Wood Museum, situated in an 18th century funduq, dominates this intriguing square. There is also a beautifully designed wall fountain.

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