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Fez Jewish Heritage Tour: Morocco’s offering Fez Jewish Heritage Tour for Jewish community.  Fez is Morocco’s fourth biggest city and is also regarded as one of the historical Imperial Cities with the largest Jewish population. fez El Bali (the old, walled city), fez -Jadid (the old new Fez, home of the Jewish Mellah), and the Ville Nouvelle (the French-created, newest area of Fez) are its three sections. The Medina of Fez El Bali, which includes the Jewish Mellah, Jewish Synagogues, and ancient Jewish sites, is said to be the world’s biggest contiguous urban region. Jews were among the town’s initial residents around the end of 8th century. The Jewish Community quickly rose to prominence and earned widespread respect. They had their own quarter the Mellah quarter. Fez rose to fame as a cultural and economic center, owing primarily to the presence of Jews.


fez jewish heritage tour

We are Offering Fez Jewish Heritage Tour for Jewish Community. Our driver will pick you up in an air-conditioned car where your English-speaking guide will be waiting; at your leisure time to drive you to the world’s oldest working medina, sometimes referred to as a living museum. Visit the King’s Palace Gates, The Royal Palace in Fez is one of Morocco’s oldest (14th century) and biggest. Next, go to the Jewish Mellah, which is the name of Jewish quarter, generally with a walled boundary. The Fez Mellah is also fortified and has a walled entrance. these Jewish quarters were close to the royal residences, which enabled its inhabitants to be protected. The Fez Mellah was previously populated primarily by Jews. This was Morocco’s first Mellah, dating back to 1438.

continue to the Jewish Cemetery and Tomb of Solica, a sacred location especially adored by women. The Jewish cemetery has the most Jewish saints’ graves of any cemetery in Morocco. Lalla Solica, who was murdered for refusing to convert to Islam, is one of the most prominent saints. Then to Ibn Danan Jewish Synagogue and other Synagogues: During the 17th century, Fez had a large Jewish community and two well-known temples for Fez Jewish Heritage Tour. 

The Ibn Danan synagogue has been listed to the World Monuments Watch List and Fund since 1996. There are remains of ancient Jewish life throughout Fez’s old city, notably the residence of Maimonides, who resided in the city from 1159 to 1165. Despite a declining population, the Jewish community of Fez is trying hard to preserve its community spirit as well as its heritage and customs. Afternoon walk to the silk, wool, and cotton dyers’ souk. The dyers market on Rue de Teinturies is the ideal spot to observe the dying vats that have been used for generations to soak the skins of sheep, goats, cows, and camels after the hair has been removed. Many tanned skins are tinted with natural colors in brown, orange, yellow, and red. Then in the evening your dinner will be served in a nearby local restaurant.

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