Berber Weekly Market Tour

Berber Weekly Market Tour: If you’re thinking about visiting Fez, you’re probably thinking about the region’s Berber weekly markets and souks tour. the sights, smells, and distinct ambiance of the souks make them excellent places to engage yourself in Moroccan culture. Souks in Morocco began as small gatherings outside of towns where merchants could sell their goods. In smaller towns, the souk may still be a weekly event, and because it is weekly, you may find whatever you desire there, from vegetables, fruits, meals, and even animals like chickens, cows, donkeys, mules, horses and so on. Here you will experience a new way of life that is very different from city life; everyone dresses traditionally, and animals are still used as means of transportation.



Explore Life At Berber Weekly Market Tour

Berber Weekly Market Tour Schedule: Our driver will pick you up in an air-conditioned car where your English-speaking guide will be waiting; at your leisure time to drive you through the middle atlas to the Bhalil (a Berber village), where local Amazigh people are still living in caves, there a local family will treat you for a cup of mint tea. Your English-speaking guide will be there to translate Berber speech, as you can ask them whatever you want, and this is a best way to engage more in Berber culture. 

Getting back in the car directly to Sefrou, you will there visit a waterfall upstream from the old town, followed by an uphill drive to visit a panoramic view point over Sefrou and its surroundings. Again, through the middle atlas to the weekly market where you will have the chance to see the ambiance of such fascinating place; this noisy area with merchants here and there, you will explore how people of rural areas are living, as lunch you try the souk barbecue with mint tea.

Right after to Ifrane, the city of wonders; Ifrane charms never ceases to amaze its visitors with its calm waves of its lakes, and the waterfalls pouring cold waters into the valleys, in Ifrane you’ll have a free time for meditation and relaxation.  It is beautifully surrounded by the largest cedar forest in the world, with its picturesque green trees on the Middle Atlas Mountains slopes. You will stop along the way between Ifrane and Azrou to see the Berber nomads, mostly those nomads are crossing the mountains with their mules, most of them are farmers, however, the harsh environment of the mountains prevented any serious attempts at agriculture from taking root.

Because of this, the Berbers chose instead to live as nomads rather than sedentary agrarians. Here you’ll have the chance to sit with these nomads to discover more about their culture their way of life. You’ll have a look on the mostly used animals by these nomads (Berger dogs, mules, and donkeys), and will have a sip of mint tea in one of the tents.  Afterward we’ll drive you to the cedar forest of Azrou where you will see Barbary macaque monkeys, the birds ranging from the redheaded Moroccan woodpecker to owls and eagles, back to fez in the evening.

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