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Morocco Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Morocco ?

Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa and bordered in the north to the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the east side to Algeria. Morocco has a coastline of more than 3000 kilometers, the desert, mountains and fertile valleys in the landscape and nature is very diverse.

Why Morocco ?

Morocco is the nearest for away country: it can be quickly and easily reached by most western travellers, and is aspects are so far from one of the foreign countries ..

What is the official language of Morocco ?

The official language is Moroccan Arabic, however French is the recognized business and higher education language. Berber -

What is the official religion of Morocco ?

Islam is the state religion of Morocco.

What is the political system in Morocco ?

Officially called the Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco is a constitutional monarchy. Mohammed VI is the present King of Morocco. He was born on 21 August 1963 and ascended to the throne in July 1999.

What is the capital of Morocco ?

The Capital of Morocco is Rabat, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the currency in Morocco ?

Dirham is the official currency of Morocco.

What is the electrical system in Morocco ?

Morocco voltage is 220V, 50 Hz (two pin round plugs). Always check your laptop or electronic items to make sure they can handle 100-240 volts

Will my laptop work in Morocco ?

Laptops and electronics from USA or Europe will usually work in Morocco, assuming to have access to an electric plug adapter, European French adapter, (this can be purchased in all major electronics stores, online or in the airport). .

Will I have internet access in Morocco ?

Internet cafes are widely popular in Morocco, making it easy for visitors to access the internet. Internet Café’s generally open early and close late, and usually charge approximately 3-5 DH per hour. Many hotels also offer wireless access, but always be careful to understand all fee’s and charges upfront. The internet country code for morocco is .ma.

Will my cell phone work in Morocco ?

World phones, blackberry’s and Iphones can receive calls as long as International roaming is enabled. Check with your service provider to avoid high fees and huge bills. If you are planning to use a Moroccan pre-paid SIM card with your GSM handset to make and receive calls while in Morocco, you will need to ensure you unlock your phone before leaving US, Canada, or your country of origin. You can do this by calling your provider (they will typically unlock your US Phone within half hour of your call). The general telephone system in Morocco is a modern system with all typical capabilities, however density is low with only 7 fixed lines available for each 100 persons. Mobile-cellular subscribership had reached 60% in 2007.

International calling Information:

Country Phone code: 212

Calling Morocco from the states +212 (destination number)

Calling USA from Morocco: +1 (area code) + (destination number)

Is Morocco safe for tourists? What safety precautions need to be taken when traveling to Morocco ?

Safety is why Morocco is a favored destination in North Africa, as crimes committed against tourists are extremely low (and severely punished by Moroccan law). However, you should always check your state department website before traveling to any country. While in Morocco it is useful to be aware of the US embassy.