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atlas marrakech

About us

We are professional team ( Abdoul, lahcen, Med ) & officials Moroccan mountain & desert tour guides certified by the Moroccan sole official school ( CFAAM : Centre de Formation Aux Métiers de Montagn e) and ministry of tourism. We are Berbers by origin live in high atlas & humbly Arabic,French,Spanish,English & German speaking guides in addition to native Spanish guides ,specialist in providing quality trips and highly skilled in mountaineering and its necessaties in terms of climbing ,skiing,trekking,first aids having a profound experience acquired from having worked with big travel agencies learning from their faults susch as poor services ,cheap hotels and unsuitable circuits due to their selfishness & grasping for money .Men of the terrain with almost entire comprehensive knowledge of the environment before we set up and run business.We immensely like our jobs & treat tourists as we would like to be treated as we hold their hands all along the way being with them in every step we stride .For instance our guides sit next to you every meal to enswer your questions ,Accompany you to the heart of desert camp being at your disposal unlike other guides who spend a night in the hotel until the tourists come back the following day. We highly consider,evaluate & take your money into account to provide you in return for highly quality services that will certainly please & satisfy you with the aim to come back & recommend us to your friend and other people .In general we are a team that believe in a motto of earning money long term as stratigy of sustainability to gain good reputations that are a basic instrument for livelihood of the staff and their enployees.

Over all,we are characterized by flexibility to change ,add or reduce anything concerning the programe to suit your attitude and adapt your feeling .

Our Objectives :

Our responsibility aim is continually striving to continual improvement in our environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising our effects through a complete programme of achievable targets and then in turn to make our activities environmentally and socially positive. As follow so we are striving doing the best to

  • Educate and inform challenge participants about environmental and social pressures in the areas they are traveling to via comprehensive pre-event briefing packs,
  • Ensure a fair income for all locally employed staff.
  • Avoid using foreign owned accommodation – instead where possible we use locally owned and run accommodation
  • Discourage local begging and giving of short term cash gifts
  • Support the local community & helping the local projects in high atlas mountains ..
  • Provide local support for a minimum of five years providing not only funds but also specialist help and advice.
  • Encourage maximum communications between locals and participants to encourage mutual understanding and respect between cultures
  • Avoid the burning of wood whenever possible to avoid local deforestation
  • Achieve zero litter, and when appropriate remove local litter
  • Avoid pollution from our camp and accommodation activities
  • Achieve zero damage and impact to local flora and fauna
  • Encourage understanding of the local environment and its fragilities
  • Ensure good practice on all toilet activities, i.e. avoiding pollution to water courses - Minimise the consumption of water
  • Avoid the purchase of tourist products which impact in wildlife and the environment

Principles of Ecotourism :

  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
  • Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
  • Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.
  • Respect local culture.
  • Support human rights and demographic movement.