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Excursions from Marrakech

Welcome to the door to explore and share new experience and life time with us in Morocco, a land of hospitality and sight for sore eyes.

If you would like to have a memorable and enjoyable trip we can offer you wonderful & valuable guiding services specialized in excursions from Marrakech.There are different tours available, adapted to different levels, and offering prices that suit your budget. We will help you with lodging, finding the best deals in all morocco .Moreover; we can pick you up at Marrakech, Casablanca airports, and surely offer you lots of advice and information in order to make your trip to Morocco, a safe and truly enjoyable stay, away from the typical overcrowded tours.

You will come as tourist, but be sure you will leave as a member of our family.

day trip to the atlas mountains from marrakech

known locally as Jebel Toubkal derived from the Berber term (touger akal) which is the highest mountain in North Africa, standing at 4167m above sea-level. As you ascend you pass through remote villages offering an insight to the life of the Berber people. From roof top there are dramatic views across the High Atlas Mountains, the anti atlas range, views of Marrakech .The trek is rated challenging due to the steep and rugged terrain with the high again up to 960 m from Neltner refuge. 

it matters us as principle of uniting conservation of communities & sustainable development travel real "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.

charity treks
is a tailor-made expedition to climb Mt toubkal for charity itís special trek arranged twice a year particularly in June & September when the weather is quite nice with objectives of killing two birds with one stone .

On the one hand we will help to achieve your purpose and fulfill your dream of toubkal ascension.and on the other hand you will be in touch with local association members (Berber people) to lend them a hand en lighten their heart by granding them your donations and sharing traditional family atmosphere of having big feast of couscous and Mechwi (Grilled & roasted meat) sealed with the barber music & dance .The money you bestow on is meant to be invested in building & fixing local projects such as roads, channel irrigations, water reservoir, Nursery school for radicate illiteracy.